In case you missed Ross's email, I am resending it to our Inner Circle Members.  Ross's emails might be going to your spam so you can check for it there also.  Many of you have replied and we so apprieciate all of your good thoughts.  It's amazing how exhausting this ordeal has been!  Thanks for all of your support!


As the nation and our community remain glued to the news of the Kincade fire still raging in Sonoma County, we want to offer an update on how we're doing. Our Halleck Vineyard team, friends and families were evacuated, but all are safe and back home in the "repopulation" effort. I think of it as repatriation:) We are taking our homes back! The outpouring of your love and support is deeply felt and so touching to us. 

When the fires first broke out, our home was in the Evacuation Warning zone. Then, at 3:25 on Sunday morning, we were rousted from our beds with multiple Mandatory Evacuation notices blaring from our mobile phones. The fire swept quickly toward Windsor, where all our wines are stored. We were on the worst bed of pins and needles I've experienced: our lives and livelihood were at risk.

Due to the heroic efforts of fire fighters, the fire did not jump the freeway to the west, despite hurricane force winds. Halleck Vineyard was bathed in smoke, but we could actually see the fires burning across Sonoma County from our perch in the Sebastopol Hills. It was an awesome and harrowing sight.

We couldn’t be more thankful for the quick and selfless actions of the first responders. Our leadership rallied epic forces to battle the blaze. Almost 5000 firefighters were employed from mini-cities erected to house them and coordinate their efforts. We could also see those glowing in the blackness of night. Public power was cut throughout the County.

Given questions from many, we want to share some details:

Our phones and email are working, so reach out anytime. We’d love to hear from you!
All club activities and shipments are postponed until full power and internet are restored. Power just came on in Sebastopol hours ago, so this is a bright light. We’re in catch-up mode.
Our warehouse, which was in the mandatory evacuation zone, is scheduled to resume shipping this week. 

We are incredibly thankful and hopeful that the worst is behind us, but we remain vigilant from afar; one never knows. The fire, now at almost 77,800 acres, is 72% contained. But that’s more than twice only 2 days ago. Most of the fire is burning in very remote forested and rural areas. There are few structures currently threatened. Keep in mind, we've lost 266 structures, no deaths and only 2 injuries. This is extraordinary!

Thank you for your love and support and we will share more details in the coming days. 

Please pop a cork of Sonoma County wine in support of this strong, resilient community. And if you need to replenish, you may do so here. Your continued support means so much and we look forward to seeing you soon.

With gratitude,

Jennifer, Ross and Stephanie

Halleck Vineyard

Halleck Vineyard
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