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Ross Halleck
April 8, 2014 | Ross Halleck

Vineyard and Winery Progress

It is a foggy vineyard morning. We are in full spring and swing. The buds have burst into leaves; the shoots displaying promise of their profusion of confusion. Spring is associated with anticipation and hope.

The color of the vineyard has radically shifted to verdant in a few short weeks. The grass and cover crops are being kept in check by weed-whacking, leaving an emerald carpet between the rows of grape vines.



Within the sprouted leaves is the young inflorescence. These are the microscopic flowers that, once pollinated, will produce grapes.

The poppies are pulled tight against the chill, awaiting the sun to warm them into display. And the towering purple echium is cascading over 15 feet from the vineyard floor, rising like Masters of the Universe in their royal attire.





The swing is in the business side, also bursting with promise. I am devoted to pressing the boundaries to grow the winery, yet maintaining its sense of community. We are building a luxury brand, but contrary to supporting exclusivity, I am striving for "inclusivity". 

I am excited to conduct our first webinar tasting in a few weeks, officially releasing our 2011 Sonoma Coast Hillside Cuvee Pinot Noir. I anticipate doing these regularly, assuming it is fun and goes well.

This weekend I am co-hosting our Wine and Yoga weekend with my dear friend and yogini, Gayle Olson. This promises to be enjoyable and enriching. 

The days are good. My heart is full. I am grateful to be here and to share it.


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