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We're excited to meet you at your Virtual Tasting Salon!

What to expect
You've selected your wine, date and time of your Virtual Tasting Salon.  You should have received an email with your confirmation and Zoom link.  When it's time to begin, have all wines and glasses at hand along with the items below.  Please put the wine in the refrigerator to chill.  Take the reds out 30 minutes before the tasting.  Take the white wine out 10 minutes before.
Simply set your computer in a comfortable spot where we can see you. When you join the Tasting Salon, we'll all see each other!
Your wine and pairings will arrive within two weeks. If you ordered pairings and/or the Coravin, they will be shipped separately.
Please print prior to Tasting Salon
If you purchased additional Tasting Salons to enjoy with friends and family, we need their shipping information. You probably provided this when you scheduled your Tasting. If not, please email with this informaiton.