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Praise from our Community

We often receive emails and letters from our Family of Friends.  We love to hear from you.

"Enjoying a bottle of 2007 Hallberg tonight, and wanted to send along best holiday wishes and a happy new year to the Hallecks. Ross, you called earlier this year and left a message of thanks for being a wine club member... Thank you to Halleck Vineyards for all the great wines! We joined the wine club in '05 after visiting Ross at your home while in the area for a friend's wedding. We've enjoyed the wines so much ever since. The pinots are great, but we also think you have a real winner in the Gewurtztraminer! Increase production there! " - Mark and Kristy
"We just had a bottle of you Pinot, 3 Sons Cuvee 2012, last night with lamb chops, it was outstanding." - Larry