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About The One Stemware and Andrea Robinson

The One Stemware was love at first sight. Then the feel, the nose and the sip clinched it! And the wine glasses are local! Andrea Robinson lives just a stone's throw in Napa Valley. I called, got acquainted, and was charmed. We have been using them for years. They perform magnificently.

In bringing extraordinary experiences to our community, with our trips, dinners, and American Bison luggage, The One Stemware fits right in.

Andrea is one of only nineteen women to have earned the Master Sommelier credential, and the only woman named “Best Sommelier in the United States” by the Sommelier Society of America. After 3 years of design and tasting, Andrea has developed one perfect shape to showcase all white and red wines.

The ONE has it all – crystal clarity, a thin rim and a shape and size that out-­performs all varietal-­specific stems. Most impressive, The One is a single piece of blown crystal. Our Reidels, costing twice as much, are three-pieces: base, stem, and bowl. Take yours and feel the seams. That is where they break. The One outlasts all our Reidels.

As well as break-­resistant, they are dishwasher-­safe.

We are thrilled to share this simple solution to stemware with our Halleck Vineyard wine community.

Members of the Halleck Vineyard Wine Club will receive a 20% discount at check out.

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Break Resistant and Dishwasher safe!
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