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2018 Summer Whites Case
6 Sauv Blancs, 6 Dry White Zinfandel

2018 Summer Whites Case
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A Rosé that's not a rosé. A rosé is made in a method called Saignée. This is a French term meaning literally "to bleed"; saignée refers to the process of "bleeding", or pulling juice from a tank of red must (grape juice) that is just beginning fermentation. The goal is two-fold. First, the lightly-colored juice that is bled out of the tank produces a rosé. Second, the must remaining in the tank has a higher proportion of grape skins to juice; the resulting wine will be richer and more concentrated.

This wine is a fully fermented wine from Zinfandel, not bled or altered in any way. It's called "Direct Press". The skins are left for just a short amount of time, resulting in a gorgeous pink hue. The expressive nose is full of floral notes and delicate fruit.  There are bright crisp acids that blend with minerality on the mid-palate, offering flavors of subtle cherry, rose petals, other foral notes, with hints of apricot. The refreshing finish lingers and cleanses with floral fruit. This is a wine you can enjoy with a meal, but is spectacular on its own.

This Sauvignon Blanc is our latest release, and equally stunning to past vintages. In fact, this is our finest yet. The Little Sister Sauvignon Blanc is made like a crisp, but rich Sancerre, in French style. It displays classic neutral citrus notes, with a floral citrus nose that hints of sea breeze, with its earthy complement. The delivery yields bright acidity, offering a mid-palate of flinty minerality, a hint of tart passion fruit and the long lingering, yet crisp finish for which Halleck Vineyard wines are noted.