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Our Logo

Our logo represents an H for Halleck. More importantly, it expresses "one to one", as depicted by the Roman numerals. We intend to have a personal relationship with everyone who enjoys our wine. Hence, we invite people to our home to taste, invite our Inner Circle members to the winery to sample barrels, travel across the country to share experiences, and invite people to join us on trips around the world.

Viewing the dot as a grape, the grape has served as a plant of power for 8,000 years, 1,000 years before Mesopotamia and the birth of civilization. It is sacred in almost every religion in the world. Wine connects us. It has the unique ability to elevate a conversation and enhance intimacy, building community. The circle represents our community. Our raison d'ĂȘtre is "Building Community Through Wine".

Our Philosophy

95% of what is in the wine bottle comes from the vineyard; the vineyard is where winemaking really takes place. A winemaker can get in the way or elicit nuance, but they cannot make a great wine from poor fruit. As our winemaker, Greg Lafollette, expressed years ago in our Estate vineyard, "This wine starts with great bones".

We use a variety of farming techniques in an attempt to accomplish this across all our vineyards. We choose specific clones, site location and flavor profiles. We consistently walk the rows, paying attention to the subtleties of the vines, the architecture of the clusters, the diurnal fluctuation of the leaves, the texture and flavor development of the seeds.

Farming grapes is both science and art. Our role is to shepherd the fruit to its greatest expression using guidance and inspiration of both.